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Journal last updated: Sunday, September 19th 2010 at 12:01 AM
I just want to take a moment to thank Zenzai, Turminal, owa, and ToffeeT for clicking me every day and always clicking me back.

WHOO! Third Shiny and it's a gulpin =D

Fuck yeah! Ditto!

I believe in Commander Sushi.
For details on Sushi's campaign go to her page.

[center]:Shiny Hunt:
Shiny Easter Buneary (0/26)Postponed
Shiny Slugma(1/2)
Shiny Bulbasaur (1/4)

Upcoming goals:
Shiny Cubone Hunt
Shiny Corsola Hunt
Shiny Staryu Hunt

::Currently Searching For::


Entei[x] (The Christmas Spirit came over me and I felt generous enough to give it up for adoption.)
Ho-oh[] (Little B@$t@rd evaded me..)
Mew[X!] (Hell yes!!!, Finally =D)

Winter Vulpix! [] / Winter Ninetails []
Bulbasaur Clone[x] / Ivysaur Clone[x] / Venasaur Clone [x]
Charmander Clone[x] / Charmeleon Clone[x] / Charizard Clone[x]
Squirtle Clone[x] / Wartortle Clone[x] / Blastoise Clone[x]
Easter Buneary[x] / Easter Lopuny[x]
Slime Slugma[x] / Slime Macargo[x]
Crystal Onix[x] / Crystal Steelix [x]
Remorage[x] / Octilerage[x]
Shelderboy[] / Cloysterman[]
Valentacool[] / Valentacruel[]
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