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Journal last updated: Sunday, November 20th 2011 at 12:24 AM
A Novelty suggestion that I will NOT suggest: Bad egg.

Current As of May 17th when I last checked postition on most bred eggs: 354 and rising.

Best overall statistic: 529

My Ditto will be an amazing polygamist!

My PC has the Pokemon arranged in National Dex order; if you can find something wrong with their placement, please let me know.

Novelties produced: 55 Easter Bunearies, 12 Zergeese, 3 winter vulpixes, 1 Crystal Onix, 5 Charmander Clones, 4 Bulbasaur Clones, 18 Squirtle Clones, 69 Shellderboys, & 20 Dracowymsies.
Shinies produced: Staryu, Eevee, Mudkip, Zergoose, & four Pichu.

Current favorite song(s)/artist(s): Rolling in the Deep (Adele)

Ultimate GPX+ goal: Get all (insert total number of Pokemon in GPX+ here) Pokemon, their evolutions, & their forms at level 100 in my pc. In other words, an Complete Living Pokedex.
Subgoal: One full box of Shiny Slakoths. Normal Slakoths are boring, but I like the Shiny ones.

Notes to self: Female Togepi. Pokii list: Nasra. Slugs & Giblets are in their permanent order. Smile thread-post 99&100. Alt+0216/0248=Ø/ø Alt+0174=® Atencio248787evilpika & knockers

Suggestions I come up with that I'm too lazy to post but don't want to forget:


Survey: If you actually read this, please send me a PM. 15 users have responded so far.8707
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