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 Too Funk to Druck

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Too Funk to Druck's Profile

Journal last updated: Tuesday, October 2nd 2012 at 7:51 PM
Palkia, yeaaaahhh

And now a random Shiny Meditite.

Shiny Munna is mine! :'D

Items from the underground:
1x Armor fossil
1x Fin Fossil

Everyone needs to go click Rexx's eggs. Nao.

I'm officially back after starting college. Now

This is Too Funk to Druck here~ If you click on my eggs, I will always attempt to click back, unless I'm not online. Also, if I click on one or two of your eggs, I'm just moving slowly. I will click on the rest of them.

Facts about me:

I'm a huge Twilight anti. And if you're not down with that, I have two words for you. Of course I might not be able to say them on here.

I love Hetalia. That is a fact.

I still watch WWE because I'm a loser.

Yu Yu Hakusho is my favorite anime of all time.

Where you can find me:

Twilightsucks - D'aww Too Funk to Druck (mod there)(regardless of what I have in front of or behind my name, I'll always be Too Funk to Druck)
Sppf- Too Funk to Druck
Gaia - Too Funk to Druck
Deviantart - AyumiUchiha13
Tumblr: fuckyeahfirepokemon
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