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Prize Points: 191
Ranking: 928
Joined: Thu. Feb. 18/10
Last seen: Tue. Sep. 22/15 (Mobile)
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From: United States
Viewing user: TogeticFTW

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    Lv. 100

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    6,400/6,400 ~ 100%

    Egg phase: 6/6
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    10,240/10,240 ~ 100%

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    6,400/6,400 ~ 100%

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TogeticFTW's Profile

Journal last updated: Sunday, September 13th 2015 at 2:23 AM
I love:
Pokemon (obviously, or I wouldn't be here!)
Doctor Who (the greatest and longest-running sci-fi show ever!)
reading/writing fanfiction (I'm ShinyTogeticFTW on fanfiction .net)
talking to random people online! (PM me?)
I hate:
tomatoes (*gag*)
trolls, flamers, etc. (there's really no need for it, people)
sleeping (seriously, I just don't sleep usually. Well, not at night anyway...)
my lack of motivation (I've got a huge list of fanfics I haven't finished writing)
my tendency to DOTFOTE (Drop Off The Face Of The Earth)

Personal Goals on GPX+:
Complete the Sprite dex
Done: 4-6, 19-20, 37-38, 83, 133, 172, 179-181, 196-197, 203-205, 218-219, 258-260, 280-282, 304-306, 316-317, 328-330, 335, 369, 399-400, 420-421, 431-432, 459-460, 475
Obtain all Megas
I still need: Altaria, Camerupt, Diancie, Gallade, Latias, Latios, Lopunny, Metagross, Rayquaza, Salamence, Sceptile, Sharpedo, Swampert.
Get Shinies for Novelutions (my word for Novelty Pokemon that evolve from non-Novelties)
Missing: Porygon-T, 1 Cherrim, Spiral Shellder, 5 Cosplay Pikachu, 3 Snowman Starters, Dreident & Menoralure.
Non-Shiny Living Dex
Missing ~60 (I think...)
Have every...
Beautiful, Clever, Cool, Cute, Tough
...Plate: Draco (2/5), Dread (1/5), Flame (1/5), Insect (2/5), Mind (1/5), Pixie (4/5), Toxic (1/5), Zap (1/5)
...Flag: Monsoon, Ocean, Icy Snow, Sun, Poke Ball, Archipelago, Sandstorm, High Plains, Garden, Tundra, Jungle, River, Continental, Modern, Savannah, Marine
...Comb: (none yet)
Achievements I'm trying for (progress)
Elite Explorer (97/100)
Alphabet Soup (24/28)
Insatiably Curious (40/41) - Death of the World
Determined (992~330/1000+)
Hatching Insanity (~1040/1500+)
Elite Clicker (max 150k/250k+)
TogeticFTW has no recent activity.

TogeticFTW's Showcased Achievements

Weakest Link (May 11/11)
Top Percentage (Apr 30/11)
A Novel Approach (Nov 18/12)
OCD (Mar 2/12)
Double Dipper (May 21/11)
An All Night Thing (Oct 2/14)
Lucky (Sep 23/10)
Hoarder (Nov 7/10)
Dedicated (Oct 6/12)
Delicious Chocolate (Sep 24/10)
Dog Whisperer (Oct 3/10)
Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Apr 24/11)
Quitter (Dec 29/10)
Persistent (Jul 9/11)
Open-Hearted (Oct 12/10)

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