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Journal last updated: Wednesday, May 25th 2016 at 3:02 PM
Person Behind the Clicking
Hi I'm Tiuku and I recently got back to this site.

Stuff I'm breeding I guess?

Current Exploration
A Study in Pink

Hatching Insanity - I'm never going to hatch a Ponyta again. Never.
A Novel Approach - DONE

Shiny Wishlist
Heracross, Amaura, Shellder, Furfrou, Carvanha, Snubbull

Random Talk
When I started to play on this site, the only way to get legendaries was to leave a spot open in your party and hope and pray you lucked out in the random number generator.
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Pokii's Rage (Dec 10/12)
All Geared Up (Sep 22/12)
Master Clicker (Aug 13/12)
Master Hatcher (Jul 21/12)
Master Breeder (Nov 27/11)
Master Trainer (Sep 19/11)
Master Feeder (Oct 16/12)

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