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Journal last updated: Friday, February 11th 2011 at 6:27 PM

HEY YOU! -catches your attention-

You walk past the Safari Warden Baoba and head to the entrance. You hand the receptionist 500 Pokédollars and in return she hands you 30 Safari Balls. Before you set foot out the door though you spot some eggs and Pokemon whom are hungry or want to be warmed. After you finish, you stare out at the great Safari and begin your game.

There are various habitats, ranging from monstrous mountains to a shimmering ocean. Many Pokemon can be seen playing around. As you look farther ahead, you can see a daycare couple taking care of some Pokemon, but beside their house is a strange Laboratory home to Pokemon who are known as novelties. Not far from the institution, there is a corporation known for making shiny Pokemon and there is also a museum-like ranch home to Prehistory Pokemon. There's also a weird building home to 5th generation Pokemon to your left. You can feel the excitement building as you grasp onto to a Pokeball and head off to your first location.


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Done with the "The Three Singing Chatot" exploration and moving on to "Punishing a Poacher"

So I just started the Quiet Forest Exploration, and all of a sudden...BOOM! I mean, I already grabbed the Miracle Seeds and I was looking for Mukrow egg and what do I see in the shelter? A Celebi egg! xD Now I wish I would have chosen the King of the Temple Exploration.


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Names Tim annnnnnd I have a Dragcave scroll by the username of: Titorammy

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