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Journal last updated: Saturday, January 19th 2019 at 4:11 PM
Hello! I'm Theory, and I'm an hour behind server time. Thank you for visiting and clicking my Pokemon! I really appreciate it.

Currently working on:
Alphabet Soup (23/28)
Pokedex Master (495/501)
Pokedex Master+ (646/652)
Currently Hunting (Rowlett, Oricoco [Baile])
Future Hunts (Starters (Oshawott, Froakie, Popplio, Litten), Winter Vulpix, Flaming Zorua, Solosis, Shinx, Pachirisu, Poochyena, Minun, Plusle, Wooper, Ghastly, Mareep, Dratini again, Slime Slugma, Dracowymsy, all the novelties lbr, Litleo (male), Amaura, Fletchling, Honedge)

~ * ~


Got the final Shiny Eevee I need to complete my Eeveelutions shiny collection! Yay!


I wonder if the hunt for a male Litleo is going to be as long a hunt as the one for fem!Fennekin.


So excited about Gen 6 being officially out. Loving the six I got from the lab. Especially Dedenne (I love Pikaclones, don't judge), Tyrunt, Flabebe, and Honedge. Now I have to decide: try to get more, or level these up until they evolve/have full happiness. Speaking of Flabebe, I wonder if the other forms are obtainable in other eggs, like the Deerling line. Will have to pay attention and see. ETA 8:44PM: Question answered, haha.


Got my Shiny Ralts yesterday night and my Shiny Rattatta this morning. That's oddly lucky for me. Another shiny Ralts after only four eggs, but it's male.


I can't believe I got a shiny Rufflet after 17 eggs. I've been hunting Lapras, Swablu, and Eevee forever, but it takes only 17 eggs for Rufflet.
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