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Journal last updated: Thursday, June 30th 2011 at 10:13 PM
11/11/10: Arceus egg?! Crazy stuff.
26/12/10: Creationist!
14/02/11: 3 shinies in one day!
12/04/11: 2 shinies on a normal day!
29/05/11: 3 shinies!

Last shiny: Crystal Onix, egg 8933 total.

Shiny Goals:
- Lone's FR Hack Nuzlocke: Baltoy (champions), Taillow (died).
- Only Metronome Runs: Clefairy (2) and Togepi,
- Soul Silver Nuzlocke: Rattata, Weedle, Latios, Krabby, Machop, Murkrow (alive), and Abra (died).
- Correct gender: Togepi (female), Azurill (male), Mareep (male).

Achievement Needs
- Lvl 100 Lillipup x3, three monkeys, Watchog, Whirlipede, Dwebble, Leavany, Emolga x2, Zebstrika, Krokorok, Palpitoad, Excadrill, Swoobat, Unfezant, Swanna, Vanillish, Cryogonal, Beartic, Fraxure, Druddigon, Haxorus.
- Get Zubat and both Shellderboy to lvl 100.
- Evolve all 3 Christmas ghosts.

1. Pichu: Egg #8 of site wide hunt.
2. Luvdisc: Shelter.
3. Azurill: First normal shiny hunt finished. 147 eggs.
4. Gastly: Egg #36 in shiny race. Won!
5. Togepi: Egg #362 of shiny hunt.
6. Houndour: Egg #83 of shiny hunt.
7. Churine: Dream World Egg.
8. Pachirisu: Creationist Egg.
9. Swinub: Egg #181 of shiny hunt.
10. Chingling: Egg #144 of shiny hunt.
11. Relicanth: Site wide hunt. Egg #31.
12. Togepi #2: Random Egg.
13. Vulpix: Egg on anniversary day!
14. Onix: Second shiny on anniversary day!
15. Bulbasaur: Third shiny on anniversary day!
16. Aron: Egg #176 in shiny race. Won!
17. Rotom: Egg #558 of shiny hunt.
18. Piplup: Egg #470 of shiny hunt.
19. Litwick: Site wide hunt. Egg #306.
20. Chikorita: Egg #83 of shiny race. Won!
21. Ponyta: Egg #445 of shiny hunt.
22. Budew: Egg #650.
23. Mareep: Shelter. Stays as Flaaffy.
24. Mareep: Also Shelter. Stays as Mareep.
25. Porygon: Site wide hunt! Egg #95.
26. Vulpix: Self bred!
27. Budew: Correct gender!
28. Totodile: Egg #59 of hunt!
29. Drowzee: Lab.
30. Unown [P]: Lab.
31. Crystal Onix: Self bred.
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