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 The Only One

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Journal last updated: Wednesday, March 13th 2013 at 12:23 PM

I am only active on days with high multipliers. Otherwise I have better things to do than mindlessly click pokemon. Feel free to click or not click my pokemon. If it's not a multiplier day don't expect clickbacks.

Notes to self:

Noctowl, Tropius, Dragonite, Pelipper, Skarmory, Altaria
Hypno, Slowking, Claydol, Xatu, Lunatone, Solrock

Uxie - Darkrai
Meloetta - Thundurus - Landorus
Cobalion - Terrakion - Genesect

The Only One has no recent activity.

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Sinnoh Champion (Aug 16/12)
Kanto Legend (Sep 22/12)
Iron Man (Aug 27/12)
Legendary Hunter (Jan 31/10)
Novelty Collector (Mar 16/10)
Bringer of Legends (Sep 12/12)
Box of Bliss (Feb 18/10)
Shiny Collector (Jul 28/12)
Shine Master (Aug 18/12)
Master Clicker (Feb 27/10)
Master Hatcher (Jul 30/12)
Master Trainer (Jul 29/12)
Master Feeder (Aug 14/12)
Expert Summoner (Jul 17/12)

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