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 The Jenova Project

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Journal last updated: Monday, December 1st 2014 at 7:32 AM
Silph Scope

*apologises to pokemons* I won't neglect you again, I promise! <3

There is no hate, only joy, for you are beloved by the Goddess. Hero of the Dawn, Healer of Worlds.

Part of the 1/6 League!

Currently: Online![/b]

Click my eggs/ Pokemon, I click all of yours back, even if you one-click, I'm just nice like that. :D
If I miss one it's because: a) You had less than 6 in your party, or b) you had one or more eggs ready to hatch
Know what's even better?
I click all the right berries for your Pokemon!
Because I'm cool like that XD

My timezone = GMT, Server time = my time - 5 hours.

First egg ever hatched: Bulbasaur <3 My one true love (now a Venusaur :3 )

~Get Kanto Champion achievement (5/8)
~Get Johto Champion achievement (0/8)
~Get Hoenn Champion achievement (0/8)
~Get Sinnoh Champion achievement (0/8)
~Get Kanto Legend achievement (0/8)
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