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Terazue's Profile

Journal last updated: Sunday, October 25th 2020 at 11:40 PM
Hey! I usually go by the name Terazue, but you can call me NT for short.

I'm a Fire Pokemon Trainer in most respects, though I've a love of various other Pokemon and discriminate against none. Pokemon has been my life for well over two decades. When I need solace, I turn to Pokemon. It's the one place where being alone has always made sense to me.

All clicks are immensely appreciated and I make it a point to return them, especially to the users who've been kind enough to add me to their Pal Pad. To all other users, when I click I ensure to click the correct berry for Exploration Pokemon before mass clicking through the rest. So never fear, I try my best to help you through those long Explorations.

If you get a Trinket from me, don't worry about sending one back. I don't often communicate with others on here, but this is something I enjoy doing every so often, along with sending the occasional Sky Gift.

Basic Rules of Trinket Trading
If you follow both, or at least one, of these rules, the chances someone will accept your trade offer are much higher.
1. Offer a trinket of equal or higher rarity.
2. Offer a trinket I do not have.

Current Shiny Hunts
Dwebble -- Trubbish -- Vanillite -- Deerling [Spring] -- Deerling [Summer] -- Easter Buneary

My Current Goals
Complete all Shiny Dex Entries for Unova (Excluding Legendaries) -- 100/151

My Future Goals
Complete Elite Clicker Achievement
(2019.08.22 - Calling it quits after 165k interactions. Next time I need to not sleep and start immediately after site reset. X3)

Personal Best
Ranking: 72
Elite Clicker: 165,841/250,000 Clicks
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