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Journal last updated: Monday, October 1st 2018 at 8:00 PM
Seriously thinking of quitting this increasingly frustrating and aggravating game!! The 'Creators' who all have such horrible god-complexes just keep coming up with new ways to make things harder, more expensive (in terms of points/orbs), and generally impossible for the average user.

Case in Point: What's the point in having 'community' giveaways if the pokemon that are given away are only given to a certain lucky few? Regardless of who is on that day, how many open spots they have, or how much clicking they have done. In my own (unwanted) opinion they should be more like the site-wide shiny hunts of old were where most of the players were better able to receive the prize due to actual hard work, patience, and luck; as opposed to this blatant favoritism of certain groups over others.

Not since DragonCave have I seen such arrogant narcissism in website/game creators that purposefully set out to alienate, irritate, and generally screw-over their userbase by making impossible-to-get pokemon (esp. novelties) that only they, their friends, and other special cliques get the chance to have just so that they can have bragging rights. And don't even give me the pathetic excuse of using vouchers, since they have been made so expensive that most users can't afford them. [b]And now there's a restricted list too?!

This is not a sudden gripe either. My annoyance has been building to its current epic proportions for years! I used to donate to this site because I thought that it was genuinely built out of love for the game. I was rudely mistaken! It, like other supposedly free sites, was instead built out of apparent greed and an obsessive need for power! So I will not be donating any further funds, or participating in any more site-wide events. Especially the 'new' type of shiny-hunts where there are either no prizes given half of the time or they are so lame/useless that they are pointless to earn in the first place![/b]
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