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Journal last updated: Sunday, October 31st 2010 at 7:55 PM
Will return clicks when I can. Currently only clicking eggs if I'm mass clicking...sorry if I miss some. My internet has been iffy, and doesn't like the berry interactions. :(

If I miss part of your party, I'm sorry. I do alot of click backs on my ipod, and 1, its slow going and 2, it freezes up alot with clicking. Sorry!

I am in x-ray school..and cannot always return clicks. I'm really sorry! I appreciate any clicks you give, and I am so sorry that I don't get a chance to click back most of the time right now.

I click back when I can! If I don't click back for a few days at a time, I'm sorry!
I ALWAYS do full party clicks- I'd appreciate the same back.
I also feed the correct berries-unless by accident I hit the wrong one.
If I miss any of your eggs, PM me and I'll get to it ASAP for you :)

If I don't click back, or only click a few, it's because a) the site is messing up and won't load b) I didn't log in, c) some event happens that left me unable to do so, d)your eggs are about to hatch, or e) I missed some of your party. I apologize in advance if that happens!

One clickers, please click either the egg that is closest to hatching! Thanks!
Those of you who only click for the amount of eggs/pokemon you have in your party, please either click my whole party or click the eggs closest to hatching. I'd appreciate it!

Wish List: Entei, Raiku (check), Suicine, Moltres, Articuno(check) , Zapdos. Also, Dragonite(check).

Goals: To get all the original pokemon
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