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Journal last updated: Friday, August 5th 2011 at 3:37 PM
In a normal honeybee colony, 99.5% of the bees are female. So why are female Combees so horrendously difficult to find?!! They should be buzzing all over the place!!

31st May
Tani: *is rooting around the Lab*
Shockzer the Raichu: Leave off. You'll never find the exploration item this way.
Charlene the Charmander: *idly pokes random egg* Mommy, is there anything wrong with this egg? It's all soft!
Tani, Shockzer ,Cleopatra and Antony: *lunge forward at the same time*
Antony the Nidoking: *emerges* WE! HAVE! DITTO!!!!!!!!!!

2nd July
Tani: *is dozing by the Cover Fossil Egg*
Shockzer the Raichu: Wake up!! It's hatching!!
Antony the Nidoking: You sure it's a Kabuto? Looks a bit... blue.
Shockzer the Raichu: Maybe it's depressed?
Antony the Nidoking: That's not what I meant...
Tani: What else can it be?
Cleopatra the Nidoqueen: Shush! It's coming out!
Fossil Tirtouga: Mo- mee?
Tani: A Tirtouga? Those have been released?!

6th August
Tani: *watches Deoxys egg gloomily* It's been so long. Is it going to hatch at all, I wonder?
Shockzer the Raichu: Yeah... don't Pokemon go all funny if they've been in their shell too long?
Tani: *alarmed* They do??!! But you didn't take that long to ha- *is zapped by Shockzer *
Cleopatra the Nidoqueen: Don't be silly. It'll be fine.
Antony the Nidoking: Yeah! Look at Kreechie over there. She hatched late too. And she's fine.
Kreechie the Victreebell: *chewing a phone cord* SKREEEEE!! SKRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
Cleopatra the Nidoqueen: You can stop now, Tony...

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