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Journal last updated: Saturday, October 10th 2009 at 11:55 PM
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Part of the 1/6 League and The Berry Smart Group. Yay! I finally got a Lucario! Special thanks to everybody that clicked and especially thanks to allorake for being the 200th person to click. ^_^

School has been rough so I might not get online as much. I'll try to get online as much as I can, but the homework has been tough. Sorry guys. =( The stupid Wi-Fi is going on and off so it takes about 5 minutes just to click one egg/pokemon. I apoligize if I can't click you back before the reset.

Please click the Regirock egg(first egg).

Yes, I'm a girl. I've been a fan of pokemon ever since I played Pokemon Blue. I'm a big fan of the manga Pokemon Adventures. I just <3 Commonershipping! I watch the anime now and then but not often. I have Pokemon Diamond and Platinum, and now I'm waiting for HeartGold and SoulSilver to come out in the U.S. Once it comes out, I'm going to be spending hours playing it! I love the Jhoto Region.I always click full party and i will try to click you back before the reset. I'm online around 3:30p.m. to 9:00p.m. server time from Sun.-Thurs. From Fri.-Sat. I will be online up to the reset or longer. I'll ALWAYS click back full party unless you have an egg ready to hatch. I will try to click back but sometimes the internet is slow and I might miss your name. Feel free to add me to your pal pad. I'm also known as XxDiaxPlatinaxX on MangaFox. Well that's enough about me, please click my eggs! =D
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