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Journal last updated: Sunday, October 2nd 2011 at 2:41 PM
I'm looking for dragon-type pokemon *-*/

I will click correct berries for all on my palpad TWICE a day!
I also will click back your full party.

- Complete Pokedex in PC boxes (exceptions with very-rare pokemon)
- Complete Shiny Pokedex in PC boxes (exceptions with very-rare pokemon)

Dragons I Currently Have
<3 Altaria <3 Flygon <3 Gible <3 Giratina <3 Haxorus <3 Latias <3 Rayquaza <3 Salamence

1. Drifloon (no hunt)
2. Stantler (no hunt)
3. Volbeat (no hunt)
4. Egg #62 Mudkip (shiny hunt)
5. Egg #255 Magikarp(shiny hunt)
6. Porygon(no hunt)
7. Cyndaquil(no hunt)
8. Egg #45 Klink (shiny hunt)
9. Egg#123 Magikarp (shiny hunt)
10. Spheal(no hunt)
...list goes on..

1/6 League

Anything Else Timeline
[11/04/29] 9:00AM - Ditto Egg from Lab
[11/04/29] Completed Easter Egg Hunt
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