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 Tainted Shadows

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Points: 133,559
Pass Orbs: 1,264

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Prize Points: 218
Ranking: 3,249
Joined: Sun. Aug. 2/09
Last seen: Thu. Aug. 13/20 (Desktop)
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From: United States
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Tainted Shadows's Profile

Journal last updated: Sunday, May 17th 2020 at 11:36 PM
I'd be happy to help anyone who needs help getting the Social Network achievement, just send me a PM!
I'm also currently trying to complete it, and currently have 54/75 adds.

This account is now 10 years old, holy cow!!!

A bit about me!
Name: Tainted Shadows (TS)
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Fav. Type: Psychic

Imperator30 is my fiancé <3

Currently Shiny Hunting
-Winter Vulpix
-Alolan Vulpix
-Gible 90 eggs

Missing Eggs
-Missing Unown Forms

-Fake Groudon (corruption orb, Groudon egg)
-Alpine Meowth
-Painted Torchic
-Flabebe [Eternal Flower]
-Pinkan Rhyhorn
-Golden Bonsly
-Pink Caterpie
-Ancient Jigglypuff
-Ancient Gengar
-Floral Togepi
-Magikarp [Brown]
-Eevee [Heart]
-Platypus Psyduck

-Collect all forms of Unown (4/28)
-Complete Kanto Boxes
-Complete Johto Boxes
-Complete Hoenn Boxes
-Complete Sinnoh Boxes
-Complete Unova Boxes
-Complete Kalos Boxes
-Complete Alola Boxes
-Complete Mega Collection
-Collect all forms of Vivillon

Future Shiny Hunts

Maybe Possible Goals?
-Collect all sprite forms?
-Complete all achievements?
Tainted Shadows has no recent activity.

Tainted Shadows's Showcased Achievements

Kanto Legend (Oct 23/15)
Johto Legend (Nov 3/15)
Hoenn Legend (Nov 9/15)
Sinnoh Legend (Nov 9/15)
Unova Legend (Oct 17/14)
Kanto Master (Jul 30/16)
Johto Master (May 10/17)
Hoenn Master (May 9/17)
Sinnoh Master (Sep 2/17)
Unova Master (Oct 17/17)
Great Success! (Nov 13/15)
Persistent (Jan 4/17)
Bounty Hunter (Sep 15/17)
Master Clicker (Jan 29/14)
Master Collector (Nov 14/15)

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