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Tabatha's Profile

Journal last updated: Friday, February 24th 2012 at 3:21 PM
During your travels you stumble upon a vast ranch, there are many green grass areas filled with Pokemon of different kinds. You also spot a vast lake with plenty of water Pokemon swimming happily about. As you walk past the ranch house you notice a special container with some eggs inside, kindly you reach down and warm the eggs and upon doing so you feel movement inside as if the eggs are happy. Several Pokemon run up to you and you decide to feed them some berries, they leap around you happily and you know the owner appreciates it. Then with one last glance at the ranch you continue down the road, a warm feeling in your heart.

Trainer Info:
Name: Tabatha
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Location: BC, Canada
Time: 3 hours behind server.

1. Oddish 1/1 (random)
2. Litwick 1/114 (march hunt)
3. Porygon 1/124 (April hunt)
4. Horsea 1/199 (November hunt)
5. Ponyta 1/29 (January hunt)
6. Bulbasaur 1/125

My Fav Pokemon: (some of them)
1. Flareon
2. Houndoom
3. Kingler
4. Oddish
5. Alakazam
6. Washibon
7. Abra
8. Petilil
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