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 T R I A N G U

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T R I A N G U's Profile

Journal last updated: Saturday, October 17th 2009 at 3:53 PM
T R I A N G U !?

[Daily Interaction Record] 1.3k

I am Sally
Age 14
Name T r i c k or T r e a t T R I A N G U
Clicks I click everybody full party, if I don't click back I'm probably busy or offline. I am 1 hour after server time.

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[To Evolve]
Flying Blanket -lvl37- Dusclops -Reaper Cloth&5days- Dusknoir
Diaper Change -lvl34- Skuntank
DVD Player -lvl33- Bronzong
Dinner -lvl40- Wailord
Hard Head -lvl28- Marowak
Blue Skull -lvl30- Rampardos
Living Pokeball -lvl30- Electrode
Radid Thunder -lvl26- Manectric
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