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Journal last updated: Monday, February 28th 2011 at 10:49 AM

Through the Fire and Flames, We carry on

10/16- SHINY CHIKORITA!!!! Finally. Named Rosemary. Sweeeeetttttt. I'm so happy. And now I can complete the next Shiny achievement. And a Bidofo egg? Even better.

About me:
Hi! I'm called Switzerland (but I don't actually live in Switzerland^^;)! Easily, my favorite pokemon is Swampert! *huggles* I am mostly on Gaia and DeviantArt. You can find me there as MonAmourSuisseXD Anyways nice to meet you! I HAVE CLAIMED VASH AND HUNNY-CHAN!

I am a Pokemon Breeder on this site and in the games. If you need anything, send me a PM. I have a Silph Scope on here now. ^.^

Current goals in GPX:

Unlock all Breeding Achievements!REACHED!

Finish a shiny hunt! REACHED!

Find Chansey (or evolutions as I have found out) in Shelter!REACHED!

Find a Summer Swinub, Crystal Onix (Oh how I miss you -.-;), and Bidofo!REACHED!

Get a Ditto!

In Diamond:

Complete pokedex (427 seen, 367 caught I think which means I am 74% done!)

Currently looking for: Anything I don't already have, shinies, and level 100's.


I don't have a set clicking-policy. I'm very random with my clicks. And my compy is too, it'll slow down randomly. Oh and I also hate clicking pokemon. Dunno why. I'll always try and click you as many times as you clicked me at least, kay? =D
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