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 Swine Flu

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Points: 1,093,630
Pass Orbs: 355

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Prize Points: 0
Ranking: 1,264
Joined: Mon. Jun. 28/10
Last seen: Fri. Dec. 13/13 (Desktop)
User group: Donors
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    Swine Flu's Profile

    Journal last updated: Saturday, May 28th 2011 at 11:06 AM

    FORMERLY "hebrewxx"

    Users Who Have Added Me : 222

    Most shinies in a month: 7 (March 2011)

    I try to to click everyone who clicks me back as soon as possible though due to real life things, this may not always be possible and I apologize if I don't get to you.
    I click full party to those who have added me to their pal pad as well to those who I have added. If I have added you, it is due to us knowing each other, or you often click, so I can easily find you.
    *Warning* I occasionally click on my phone, so I may one click here and there, but if I had it my way, it wouldn't be so.
    [x] To have a goal.
    [x] Finish Johto Master (1/15/11 12:25 server time)
    [x] Finish Hoenn Master (1/18/11)
    [x] Finish Sinnoh Master (1/26/11 @ 14:43 server time.)
    [x] Finish Unova Master (1/24/11 13:42 server time!)
    [ ] Finish Pokedex Master (obviously...)
    [ ] Finish Pokedex Master Plus (again, obviously...)

    Shiny Hunts:
    Shiny Electrike: 1/58 (first shiny hunt completed! Yay!)
    Shiny Pichu: 1/63 (competition)
    Shiny Charmander 1/116
    Shiny Mankey! 1/12/11
    Shiny Eevee 1/472(Complete! 2/12/11)
    Shiny Slugma 1/7 (not shiny hunting, via dex 3/1/11)
    Shiny Houndour 1/363 3/8/11
    SHINY LUGIA 3/16/11 1/3 eggs.
    Shiny Bidoof! 1/82(side shiny hunting, off of dex) 3/20/11
    Shiny Litwick 1/56 (site wide!) 3/28/11
    Shiny Squirtle! 1/158(27 on shine recorder, was side hunting) 3/30/11
    Shiny Pachirisu 1/62(26 on shine recorder, side hunting) 3/31/11
    Shiny Remoraid(not hunting) 4/1/11
    Shiny Roggenrola 3/1118(yesss) 4/9/11, 2nd on 4/21/11 3rd on 4/24/11
    Shiny Dracowymsy 1/26(side hunting) 4/11/11
    Shiny Bulbasaur 1/349 4/11/11
    Shiny Gulpin 1/444 4/18/11
    Shiny Magikarp 1/129 4/23/11
    Shiny Dratini 1/20 5/08/11
    Shiny Relicanth 1/753 FINALLY OMG. 5/8/11
    Shiny Cyndaquil 0/97
    Shiny Totodile 0/39
    Shiny Shinx 0/301
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