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Journal last updated: Wednesday, December 1st 2010 at 2:39 PM
Welcome to my profile page!

Add me to your Pal Pad and I'll click your full party every day! I full click anyone who clicks me, but please be patient as I may not get back to you right away. Lately, I've been busy with college so I can't guarantee I will click back but I will try my best to.

I breed novelties and exploration Pokemon but I don't take requests, sorry. I breed according to what I think would be in most demand. Also, I've gotten a ton of mail about this: I do not do trades. I will not breed you something in exchange for something else, even if I want it. The shelter is risky. The end.

Stuff I want: [/b
Mewtwo (the holy grail!)

[b]Noveltydex entries missing for personal reference:

all alternate forms of Bidofo
all alternate forms of Dracowymsy
Summer Piloswine
Summer Mamoswine
Fossil Bastiodon
Primal Dialga
Fake Groudon

Stuff I got in the first week of being on this site:
Slime Slugma
Easter Buneary
Female Bulbasaur clone
Star Piece (sells for 4,900 points @_@)
shiny Tauros
Charmander clone
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