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Journal last updated: Sunday, March 6th 2011 at 1:06 AM
Hey everyone, my Name is Starsan! I love the color blue and stars and especially when the stars are RAINBOW! My best friend showed me this site and now I am addicted to it! If you want your eggs and pokemon taken care of DAILY, then just add me as a friend! I am a freelance artist and I am currently 23 and engaged <3

Now I also was shown a wonderful trick by a friend who also is a part of this site, and now, i am going to share it with all of you! It will help you with achievements that are otherwise VERY hard to get! Its called
MASS CLICKING and here is how you do it!

Go to your
Poketch and then click on the tab labeled SETTINGS You will see a series of drop down options. First click on the option for Fixed Berries Change the option to YES, cause this helps you a lot! Next, scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN To the bottom of the page where it says Interaction HotKeys You then set each one in a succession that is easiest for you, I did 12345. NEXT Set is so you can CLOSE windows after interacting with Pokemon. Save and go to The upper bar users Tab. Set the number next to the EGG/POKEMON drop down list to what ever number you are comfy with your comp opening, adjust to what users you want to see and GO! TA DA!NOTE I Only help those that help me, so if you add me or are online, ADD ME FOR DAILY CLICKS!! Its only fair
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