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      —Shiny Litten

    Lv. 48: 9,849/10,599

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Journal last updated: Friday, October 29th 2010 at 5:39 PM

Recent Events
10/4/10 - Hatched a shiny female lab Turtwig!
10/1/10 - Hatched a shiny Male Mudkip AND Chikorita!
9/29/10 - Hatched a shiny female Happiny
8/28/10 - Hatched a shiny female Heatran!
8/20/10 - Hatched a shiny male Ralts.
8/18/10 - Received an Uxie from an event.
8/17/10 - Hatched a shiny male Shinx.
8/12/10 - Started a shiny Numel hunt against Nixayum.
8/7/10 - Hatched a shiny male Absol.
8/3/10 - Received a Regirock from an event. ~ Hatched a shiny male Onix.

I usually don't click back :V
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