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Points: 262,268
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Prize Points: 112
Ranking: 9,500
Joined: Fri. Sep. 3/10
Last seen: Sat. Mar. 2/19 (Desktop)
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  • Slipknot
      —Shiny Zoroark

    Lv. 100

  • Pee
      —Shiny Serperior

    Lv. 100

  • B E T A
      —Shiny Porygon-Z

    Lv. 100

  • Bullet
      —Shiny Butterfree

    Lv. 100

  • Klowii
      —Shiny Cherrim

    Lv. 100

  • SOAD
      —Shiny Feraligatr

    Lv. 100

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Journal last updated: Saturday, March 2nd 2019 at 10:36 PM
Came back on a whim because I saw something that reminded me of here. If you remember me, hit me up on Discord CHR|Flygon#8505 and if you a real one, tell me where I frequented most on here so we can catch up like the old days.
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