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SpazzyJenny's Profile

Journal last updated: Tuesday, August 23rd 2011 at 7:37 PM
No matter how rare or shiny a Pokemon is; all Pokemon are equal.

I'm part of the 1/6 League.
Member of the Clicking Coalition.

Random Facts:
+ Started using this site on Jan. 23, 2011.
+ I'm using this site to waste time.
+ I love doing word searches.
+ I'm 19 and I live in California, US. :3
+ I love screamo/hardcore music. :D
+ I love watching animes.
+ I usually am friendly; but I can be very blunt and straightforward.

Working on/achievements:
- Cypress' Assistant
- Gold Digger
- Trio Collector

Looking for:
- Chobomaki
- Silph scope
- Shelter pass
- More repels
- More sprite changers
- Bicycle (sure, why not)
- Itemfinder

Pokemon (Hatched by egg): Wingull
Pokemon (Grabbed from shelter): Emonga
Shiny: Horsea
Evolve: Piplup -> Prinplup
Breeding Pair: Horsea (female) and Shellos [East] (male)
Novelty: Fossil Cranidos
Legendary: Giratina
Underground Item: Sweet honey
Chest: Corruption orb

- Priority (from first to last):
1. Pals (especially ones that have me added)
2. Click backs
- I full party click (meaning I click everything that the person currently have)
- I use 'open party' function for complete clicking (of any new eggs/PKMN a user may have, that I haven't clicked)

I don't have any specific pokemon I want. I just want to catch them all (every kind, every color). :D

I always click back when I'm online.

149/785 Pokemon owned
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