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 Sophie the vine

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Points: 26,905
Pass Orbs: 57

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Prize Points: 17
Ranking: 14,909
Joined: Fri. Sep. 4/09
Last seen: Thu. Dec. 13/18 (Desktop)
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    Sophie the vine's Profile

    Journal last updated: Monday, August 12th 2013 at 5:44 AM
    12/08/2013 - Used my last prize points to get a Shaymin. I actually wanted her for a while now c:
    04/08/2013 - Woah! Did not expect a Shiny Mudkip!! I was just like "oh ima derp blah let me catch two mudkips for no particular reason" and then BAM! :D
    04/08/2013 - Wow.. a year? It seems I really don't care so much about this game. I just remembered that I have nothing to do in life so I just came in here and apparently... I'm having fun c:
    30/06/2012 - I'm having no luck with Underground Items -.-' It's been a really long time since I summoned a legendary >.> But caught Palkia and Cresselia in Shelter today.
    29/06/2012 - Considering hunting for Shiny Piplup... [UPDATE: Im officially hunting for Shiny Piplup :D]

    -=My Clicking Policy=-

    I dont have a proper Clicking Policy. It's random. Since I use my phone most of the times, I go to Berry Feeder there and just interact with people who interacted with me.


    -=About Me=-
    Hai!~ Name's Dana. Im a typical Otaku, Cosplayer and a Video Gamer. Basically a person who has no life. I'm from Russia, so if you are a Russian too, I wouldn't mind a little chat with someone from the same country c: I only reveal my true colors (which you dont wanna see) with people who annoy me extremely!! Please dont do that, I dont wanna scare anyone ^_^v Otherwise, I really like to chat about stuff I like :D


    -=My Goals=-
    Obtain Summoning Items (anyway) - 0/??
    Obtain Shinies - Pachirisu 1/1 Piplup 0/1 Buneary 0/1 Mudkip 1/1

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