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Journal last updated: Sunday, June 7th 2015 at 12:58 AM
Sonic62 here, TheSpeedGamers Staff member!


Legendary Pokémon
[X] Arceus
[X] Xerneas
[ ] Yveltal
[ ] Zygarde

[X] Godsend

Shiny Pokémon
[X] Voltorb
[X] Exeggcute
[X] Cubone
[X][X][X] 3 Tyrogue
[X] Lickitung
[X] Koffing
[X] Rhyhorn
[X] Happiny
[X] Tangela
[X] Kangaskhan
[X] Horsea
[X] Goldeen
[X] Staryu
[X] Fennekin
[X] Froakie
[X] Chespin
[X] Kabuto
[X] Mime Jr.
Kanto Complete!
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Legendary Collector (Feb 6/12)
Novelty Collector (Mar 6/10)
OCD (Mar 18/10)
Alphabet Soup (Jul 14/12)
Pokedex Master Plus (Jul 14/12)
Corporate GPXPlus (Jul 18/10)
I Am Legend (Jun 2/11)
That Everlasting Flame!! (Jun 2/11)
Shiny Collector (Jul 27/10)
Shine Master (Sep 6/10)
Master Clicker (Jan 18/10)
Creationist (Oct 1/10)

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