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Journal last updated: Wednesday, October 13th 2010 at 3:46 AM
Don't trust the pokeball, I fall asleep at the computer a lot.

I believe in Commander Sushi

I am getting very sick of giving people full party clicks and only getting two or three clicks back. If I click your full party please try to do the same for me.

Attention One-Clickers: Please click my first egg
To all others: If I don't full party click you it's for one reason: You have eggs that you need to hatch. Hatch them and I will go back to them,
For those annoying click for click people: I don't understand you. Let's say you only have 3 eggs/Pokemon in your party, Doesn't mean that I do. If I click all of your eggs please do the same for me as it's not fair to those whom have more eggs.

A bit about me:
I like anime and my favorite character from any anime has to be Gin Ichimaru From Bleach and Arther Kirkland from Hetaila.

For all those stalker types:
Feel free to drop me a message! I love to talk!
MSN: Ask
Aim: songrakuraiyume
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