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Points: 167,453
Pass Orbs: 2,170

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Prize Points: 75
Ranking: 1,923
Joined: Fri. Feb. 22/19
Last seen: Mon. Jun. 22/20 (Mobile)
User group: Members
From: United Kingdom
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    Lv. 73: 2,394/12,500

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Journal last updated: Monday, June 8th 2020 at 1:41 PM

Gonna get a shiny living dex even if it kills me.


2020 Goals
- Shiny Winter Vulpix
- Reach top 1,500 for rank
- That Burning Desire: 1/3
- Unova Master: 151/151
971/1273 Pokémon
31/1273 Shinies

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The Deets
- I live in the UK.
- I work 4 days a week, so on these days I usually return clicks after 8pm GMT.
- I have a toddler, so I fit my GPX+ time in around her.
- I click every day, and always click new eggs and Pokémon in your party. Having a toddler and a job means sometimes my clicks can be late, but rest assured I'll still get to everyone before I go to bed!
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Sona's Showcased Achievements

Boulder Badge (Mar 11/19)
Cascade Badge (Mar 11/19)
Thunder Badge (Mar 16/19)
Rainbow Badge (Mar 17/19)
Soul Badge (Mar 17/19)
Marsh Badge (Mar 26/19)
Volcano Badge (Mar 26/19)
Earth Badge (Mar 26/19)
Kanto Champion (Mar 26/19)
Social Network (Sep 5/19)
Elite Clicker (Aug 3/19)

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