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Solexy's Profile

Journal last updated: Wednesday, July 22nd 2009 at 3:50 PM
Current Status: Online, to a degree. Hiatusing

People on my friends list will always have all of their eggs clicked. c:
You can friend me if you want.

I am part of the Berrysmart Group!
That means I click the correct berry all of the time.

Also part of the 1/6 Coalition!
I will always click full party, even if only one of mine has been clicked! Please don't abuse this. If you repeatedly do this, i will ignore you. And I have a good memory. >[

I appreciate all help in hatching my eggs!
And I am more than happy to return the favor!

I tend to adopt Pokemon who have been clicked, then abandoned. D': So sad.. EVERYONE NEEDS LOVE, YOU KNOW? Except those people who have those 'Glomp' signs... those are some creepy people... o_o



>^.^< Nya!


Pokemon I Really Want:
- Togepi
- Swablu
- Totodile
- Latias
- Chikorita
- Lunatone
- Piplup

Clearly, I need better goals. :| Meh. Saving up for an Amulet Coin.
Solexy has no recent activity.

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