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Journal last updated: Sunday, January 17th 2010 at 4:15 AM
Status: On and off during the server day.
10/30: Hit 10,000 interactions.
Celebit reached level 100 on 1/12. Ding!

In order to make my clicking life easier, i go for batches of eggs, then come back for the pokemon. If i don't seem to have clicked your full party, please wait a few minutes. ^^;

- I return like for like, and always try to give the correct berries.
- If you only have time for one, please choose the egg closest to hatching!

Mostly, i just enjoy filling out my eggdex, and would rather evolve by using the daycare. Lazy much?
I'm not too picky about this, so if you see something you'd like me to breed, just let me know.

Next breeding pair: Who the heck can i get to breed with Rotom? ;__;

I think i really like the Fossil pokémon . Must be the primitive, boogly eyes.
Shiny Persian, Cat Prince, reached level 100 on 7/16. Thanks for all the help raising him! :D

Items found:
Water stone
Oval stone
Razor claw
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