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    Journal last updated: Monday, May 11th 2020 at 9:00 PM
    < about me >

    GPX+ veteran for several years. Huge Pokémon fan. My favorite region is Sinnoh, my favorite human character is Nando, and my favorite Pokémon is Corsola.

    Games owned: X, Alpha Sapphire, Ultra Moon, Sword, Super Mystery Dungeon, Shuffle, Picross, and Rumble World.

    Eternally praying for Sinnoh remakes, currently worldbuilding for my own Pokémon fanfiction project called Sinnoh Kingdom.

    If you haven't already, join the GPX+ Discord!

    < pal pad policy >

    - Will add Discord friends and those who need +1 for SN. Some of my old friends are gone, but I keep them on my Pal Pad for nostalgic reasons.
    - If you add me, I'll do my best to click you every day.
    - If you don't click back, or if you go inactive, I'll remove you, but if you want me to add you back, just ask.

    < personal habits >

    - My novelty daycare pairs are (when possible) same-species and leveled to 100 for max compatibility.
    - Never release non-Daycare eggs, because they could hatch shiny.
    - I sometimes drop extra legendaries, so keep an eye out.
    - Knock out old shiny hunts before starting new ones.

    < shards & plates >

    - Draco (Dratini, Bagon, Goomy)
    - Insect (Pink Caterpie)
    - Stone (Amaura)

    < shiny nicknames >

    - Acanthus/Amaryllis/Amaranth (Easter Buneary)
    - Wildfire (Magma Feraligatr)
    - Balerion (Rayquaza...hey, a girl can dream, can't she?)
    - Dreamfyre (Dragonair)
    - Solaris (Volcarona)
    - Hedone (Pink Butterfree)
    - Tsuyu (Croagunk)
    - Ayame (Snorunt)
    - Dabi (Flaming Zoroark)
    - Stinger Butt (Skorupi)
    - Katsuki (Typhlosion)
    - Sanders (Blaziken)
    - Excedrin (Psyduck)
    - Kakyoin (Cherubi)
    - Echo (Chatot)
    - Brynden (Trevenant)
    - Limestone (Crustle)

    Go beyond! PLUS ULTRA!
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