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 Skins T

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Points: 2,382,769
Pass Orbs: 5,831

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Prize Points: 599
Ranking: 617
Joined: Mon. Oct. 12/09
Last seen: Sun. Nov. 28/21 (Desktop)
User group: Donors
From: Australia
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    Skins T's Profile

    Journal last updated: Friday, August 21st 2020 at 12:37 AM
    Shiny Twins:
    Radiance and Luminescent: From the same 'litter' of eggs, same breeder, hatched at exactly the same time. True twins!
    Puni-chan and Shiny Squishy: Hatched at exactly the same time.

    Legendary: Giratina
    Novelty: Slime Slugma
    Shiny: Happiny (1/1)
    Event Legendary: Uxie
    Old Man: 14th September
    Treasure Chest: August 26th
    Exploration: Celebi Exploration 'Quiet Forest' complete in 14th place.
    Random personal achievements: One of the very first users to unlock 'Back when I was your age' and 'The golden years'. 6th to finish Victini Exploration and 99th to unlock Hatching Insanity. Got 1st in the Pass Power daily rank on November 1st, 2011. First to hatch a Shiny Genesect on the site.

    Missing Legendaries List:
    [ ] Zamazenta | [ ] Zacian | [ ] Eternetas | [ ] Kubfu | [ ]

    Ultra Beast List:
    [x] Nihiligo | [x] Buzzwole | [ ] Pheromosa | [ ] Xurkitree | [x] Celesteela
    [ ] Kartana | [ ] Guzzlord | [x] Poipole | [x] Naganadel | [x] Stakataka
    [x] Blacephalon
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    Skins T's Showcased Achievements

    Legendary Collector (Dec 25/11)
    Godsend (Nov 17/15)
    Alphabet Soup (Aug 25/12)
    Pokedex Master Plus (Aug 25/12)
    Speed Reader (Sep 10/17)
    Corporate GPXPlus (Jan 1/11)
    Hatching Insanity (Apr 24/11)
    Unique Entry (May 8/15)
    Good Luck (Oct 25/15)
    Lucky Day (Jan 1/13)
    Feed a Country (Jun 13/12)
    Master Collector (Nov 18/15)
    Perfect 10 (Apr 26/13)

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