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 Sigurds Silver Sword

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Sigurds Silver Sword's Profile

Journal last updated: Friday, April 2nd 2021 at 8:38 AM
Sorry Arceus, I'm an atheist in Pokémon.

Egg Obtained: Pachirisu
Egg Hatched: Croagunk (now Toxicroak)
Pokémon Evolved: Shroomish-->Breloom
Egg Bred: Pachirisu Egg
Novelty: Slime Slugma (when they were rare)
Item Found: Razor Claw
Lvl. 100: Venusaur
Event Egg: Regice
Achievement: Newbie Hatcher
Exploration: Halloween 2010
Shiny Pokémon: Litwick (now Chandelure)(Before Shiny Hunt)
Successful Shiny Hunt: Mudkip
10/03/09:Hatched 1st egg. -on my b-day!
10/24/09:Nabbed Phione Egg in Shelter!
10/28/09:OMG! Found Slime Slugma Egg in Shelter! -back when they were kinda rare
11/2/09:Haha, I adopted a Rotom and a Slime Slugma bred by Amezaki's same two Pokemon.
11/12/09:Leveled Venusaur to Lv. 100. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Keludio's^^
12/17/09:FIRST EVENT EGG!!!!! Regice Forever!!!
2/14/10:Hatched first legendary!
2/15/10:Second Event!!! Darkrai!!!
3/16/10:Third Event!! Rayquaza!!!
5/2/10:Manaphy Egg and Blue Orb!!! and got the KYOGRE!!! And now Griseous Orb!!!
8/26/10:Regirock!!! Now, where is Registeel...?
2/25/11:Wow, with Explorations haven't had anything to write about lately. Summoned/got Latios.
6/12/11:See above. Got MissingNo.!!! Only took ~26000 interactions and countless other pages.
6/13/11:Got Pokii!!! And another MissingNo. Two in two days? That is a little...strange.
The people in my Pal Pad could use your clicks.
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