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 Shiny Dragonite

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Journal last updated: Tuesday, February 5th 2019 at 10:18 AM
Thanks to all 75 people who added me to their Pal Pad and enabled me to unlock Social Network.

Any of you who wish to un-friend me to make room for others still needing the achievement are perfectly welcome to do so. :D

Anyone that I un-friend is simply because you already have Social Network completed. It's nothing against you at all. Please don't take offense to it.

I have decided that, since there were a lot of people who hadn't been active in a few years on my Pal Pad, if you haven't been active since July 01 2018 (according to your profile log-in date) I will remove you from my Pal Pad.

I will message everyone I remove due to this condition to let you know that I have done this and why.

Previously I had a condition that necessitated a Pal Pad with 20 or more users on it but I have since removed it due to the new date requirement making it redundant. If you received a message from me mentioning this it is due to the previous conditions I was using.

Thank you for your understanding.

Have a good day!
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