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From: United States
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Journal last updated: Tuesday, November 21st 2017 at 8:51 PM
Current News

Undaunted Achievement unlocked!

Networking Ninjas
Go forth and help others get Social Network!!

Also, Please PM me for SN help!! I will totally try to help you achieve that allusive SN!! Below is my current empty slot count. If there is a spot open, don't hesitate to ask! ^-^

I currently have 12 slots left on my Pal Pad.

Once you have gotten your SN I will remove you to make room for others in need of SN help~ Also, if you have not been active within the past 6 months, you have the chance of being removed from my pal pad. Just to give you a warning~
Order of Clicks: Pal Pad, Added me to their pal pad, Interactions with me, and whatever I'm feelin after that~
I click people multiple times if I can!

If you would like to chat or whatever, feel free to PM me~ No need to be shy! ^-^

Current Goals

[x] Social Network DONE
[]Shiny Pichu females (1st male-27 eggs)
[x] Shiny Cyndaquil 840 eggs
[x] Shiny Gulpin 718 eggs
[x] Shiny Klink 623 eggs
[] Shiny Clone Charmander
[x]Shiny Mareep 1st-18 eggs 2nd-93 eggs
[x]Shiny Misdreavus 536 eggs
[x] Fill the pokedex (excludes very rare, Unown, and Megas)
(49/50) Megas
[x]Vivillion flags (20/20)
[] Alphabet Soup (17/28)
ShiningNijiDragon has no recent activity.

ShiningNijiDragon's Showcased Achievements

Kanto Champion (May 31/13)
Johto Champion (Jun 12/13)
Hoenn Champion (Jun 19/13)
Sinnoh Champion (Jun 28/13)
Kanto Legend (Aug 1/13)
Johto Legend (Sep 25/13)
Hoenn Legend (Sep 29/13)
Sinnoh Legend (Oct 2/13)
Unova Champion (Oct 11/13)
Unova Legend (Oct 12/13)
Box of Bliss (Jun 10/13)
Social Network (Jul 7/15)
Glitch City (Apr 23/13)
Dog Whisperer (Feb 22/13)
Crazy About Ewe (May 13/13)

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