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 Sherry Birkin

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Sherry Birkin's Profile

Journal last updated: Wednesday, June 4th 2014 at 10:35 AM
Shiny =>

Chingling (Yuki the Cuteness!) random =)
Bronzor (Dessou2Pla the... the green...) random :)
excadrill (Amano the Cool boy!) random =)
Snivy (Ace the King!) random :)
Sharpedo (cookie the Sweet Shark!) 5 egg :)
pinsir (Nemesis the.... eh nvmd) random :)
Larvitar (Laya the beautifull red eyes) 827 egg :)
Sewadle (Chaussette the warm O:) 187 egg:)
I got My dear SoleilRouge the Gyarados, but he isnt realy mine, i got him on the shetler when he was lvl 1. I love him.
Pichu (Eklaire the thunder!) i needed 6 pichu for a task, but one of them was her :D

The pokémon im hunting:
Caterpie! Lulu (male of female, i don't care, its name is lulu.... when he is here :c)
Bulba'! ... ehhhhhhhhh no idea C:
Kibago Aka Aldren (Hope for a male!)! <3
Chimchar Aka Gin (Male) Or Chiharu (Female)
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