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Points: 4,058,890
Pass Orbs: 2,424

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Prize Points: 625
Ranking: 198
Joined: Mon. Oct. 5/09
Last seen: Mon. Feb. 15/21 (Mobile)
User group: Members
From: Italy
Viewing user: Shaoo

  • Charlotte
      —Shiny Vulpix

    Lv. 100

  • Caramelle
      —Shiny Lillipup

    Lv. 100

  • Winter Shao boy
      —Shiny Winter Vulpix

    Lv. 100

  • Sorry not Sorry
      —Shiny Ditto

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  • Alolan Shaopix
      —Shiny Alolan Vulpix

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  • Luna
      —Shiny Rockruff

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Shaoo's Profile

Journal last updated: Monday, October 30th 2017 at 10:31 PM
Let's shout Alola o/

>I am an Azurite Knight! Click here to join us!<
It's a group for azurite users, if you want to join a nice company, click!

*´¯`* Presentation*.¸¸.*

-Italian-french user, 26yo. server time +6.
-8 years here!
-Favourite types: Fire & Fairy.
-Vulpix lover.
-Speak English, Italian, French, and a bit of Spanish.

-I'm also a Networking ninja, helping for user to get Social Network achiev.

-Don't hesitate to PM me, I always answer.

-Thank you to all the people who have added me! <3 I try to click you everyday and several times!

*´¯`* Actuality*.¸¸.*

-Shiny hunting: Vulpix (box), Eevee, the Oricorios, Rockruff, Fomantis, the Magikarps, Snover, Zygarde cell and Pikipek..
-Complete Pokedex: 26 remains (I'll never get the combs...)
-Pokerus transmissions: 130
-Shiny megas: 33/48
-Shiny dex: 36%, 419 pkmns.
-Arceus: 5/17
-Be on top 100: best 111.

*´¯`*Clicking activity*.¸¸.*

-Feel free to add me in your PalPad! I click back as much as I can and odd!
-I click everybody: online, pad, added me, pokerus, random...
-Priority to explos pokemon, I click the right berry.
-Half of my PP is for Social Network by need. If you need help, contact me!
-I remove users if 15d of inactivity.
-Trinket addict: gifts & trades. 93%

*´¯`* Shinies *.¸¸.*

There are currently 197 shinies. (+34 from safari) Last shiny: Bounsweet.

First Fastest hunt: Riolu in 1 egg
Longest hunt: Squirtle in 1254 eggs
Shiny ratio: 1/274,78. (hatch/shinies)

*´¯`* Fun facts*.¸¸.*
-First user who gets a Zekrom egg (from dream world)
-Have the only pkmn released by Alex&Thomas ever: Diancie
-In the first 100 people getting a Shiny Ditto
-Have hatched double shinies twice
Shaoo has no recent activity.

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