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Journal last updated: Thursday, January 1st 2015 at 7:23 PM

Status: Came back to active, clicking like maniac!

My Main Goal is to interact with least 20k Pokés / Eggs every day.

My Goals:
[X] Hatch a Lugia
[ ] Corrupt a Lugia Egg
[ ] Get the Three Johto Dogs
[X] Get a Shiny Cyndaquil
[ ] Get a Shiny Spring Typhlosion
[X] Get a Shiny Ralts
[X] Get a Shiny Budew and Evolve it To Roserade
Mink has no recent activity.

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Office Bromance (Oct 14/12)
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Shiny Collector (Oct 13/12)
Great Success! (Jul 10/10)
Lucky Day (Apr 22/13)
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