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Journal last updated: Saturday, March 23rd 2013 at 1:06 PM
Date Lists & Etcetera

3/23/13: With my 28th completion of Mystery Creature of the Ruins, I have completed my Unown dex with the (fittingly) Unown Z. With this, I also have completed Pokedex Master & Pokedex Master Plus, leaving me with only Arceus needed to complete the full Pokedex.
1/10: Finished my non-legendary/non-Unown egg and regular pokedex, after getting the last egg I needed (Koffing)
10/11: Shiny Druddigon hatched, yessss. #625.
6/30: Used the sale to buy the rest of the account upgrades I needed.
6/21: Bought 124 more Upgrades, evolved 125 Porygon. Darwinist=Complete!
6/20: Got to 1 Million Points! Corporate GPXPlus achievement=complete!
4/30: Hatched my Shiny Chatot. Update: Hatched the Shiny Archen I wanted too. 2 in one day? Win.
4/11: Finally hatched one of the shinies I've wanted, Pichu/Pikachu. Evolved it and changed form to make it greyscale.
2/13: Novelty Set=Complete.
2/12: Got my Blue Stone from the ~186th Zangoose I hatched.
1/26: Unova master=done.
1/16: Hatched a shiny Zangoose while searching for a blue stone...
1/8: Shiny Yooterii woo!
11/29: Hatched a Shiny Shimama.
11/12: Wow, Riolu shiny, I had a hunt going on for 4 months, but had only hatched 8 in that time.
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Alphabet Soup (Mar 23/13)
Kanto Master (Nov 3/11)
Johto Master (Dec 31/11)
Hoenn Master (Dec 31/11)
Sinnoh Master (Dec 31/11)
Unova Master (Jan 26/11)
Pokedex Master (Mar 23/13)
Pokedex Master Plus (Mar 23/13)

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