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Journal last updated: Saturday, December 11th 2010 at 1:59 PM

Hello there, I'm Shadow Oak.~
I'm very friendly and if you add me to your pal pad, I will interact with ALL your pokemon first.

My favorite Pokemon ever since I was little was Raichu.<3 I also really love Pikachu and Pichu but Raichu will ALWAYS be my favorite.~

I really like Disney things, no not disney channel crap, I mean old school disney and the classic movies. I like to name some of my pokemon after disney characters :3

September19th; Summoned Giratina egg :D
November1st; I nabbed a Giratina egg. Also summoned enigma stone and got a Heatran egg.
November8th; Got a Shaymin and Manaphy from the Safari Zone!

~[To Do List]~

Get all eevees.x
Get a shiny buneary.x
Get a shiny easter buneary.x
Finish the party achievements I have planned out.x
Complete all the region dex entries.x
Level up my novelty pokemon.x
Evolve all starter pokemon to their final form.x
Get a shaymin and latias >:3 .x

Annnndddd that's about it for now, I'll find more things to do soon.~

One big goal I have is to get the many forms of buneary/lopunny, regular, easter, shiny, shiny easter.~
Regular: Buneary -> Lopunny
Shiny: Buneary -> Lopunny
Easter: Buneary -> Lopunny
Shiny Easter: Buneary -> Lopunny

[More to come!~]
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