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Journal last updated: Saturday, September 25th 2010 at 6:25 PM
Snorunt shiny out of first egg! I feel lucky~
Cubone Shiny out of first egg too! THIS IS MADNESS. One day, two shinies, oh God ;3;

Status: Busy, will click back when I return.

One Clickers, please click the egg that is closest to hatching.
Anyway, this is my policy:You full clickYou click as much as you want, I equally click back.

Novelties I've missed: Charmander Clone (2), Bulbasaur Clone, Squirtle Clone (3), Crystal Onix, Easter Bunneary, Hatched Zergoose. RRR

Hatch at least one Legendary (x) (Phione)
Hatch at least one Novelty ( )
Get a Clone Squirtle ( )
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