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Journal last updated: Wednesday, June 15th 2016 at 1:12 PM
Hello there. A little bit about myself: You can call me Seren, Serendipity or Shade. I joined the site on the summer of 2009 after clicking on a signature from a different forum. I used to post on Last Person to Post Wins before it closed down. I've had several hiatus periods, but I have been recently active on here, as well as on the forum. I go on the IRC from time to time (and so should you) as Serendipity. I change my party quite a bit, so keep checking my Pokemon and eggs! I'll be very happy if you do! Currently enrolled at University of California, Davis, so I'm a little busy nowadays. I'll still try to find time to click, though!

Part of the Wulfenite Warriors

I like to give people trinkets when I'm bored~

Gift me Cubic Functions if you can. Current count: 25

All Pokemon in the Pits will be released periodically. They will most likely be shiny hunt fails, but I might put in a few surprises.
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