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From: Singapore
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Journal last updated: Monday, April 3rd 2017 at 12:12 PM
STATUS: 03/Apr/2017

Pal Pad is reserved for SN help. PM and I'll add if I have space.
Everyone after Terazue requires help.
I'll remove you after completion, unless you frequently click-back.
Users inactive for ~1 week will be removed.

If you click my party regularly but don't see yourself on PP,
I've most likely added you to my "extended PP" at the bottom of my Journal.

I am A Red Shroom. My Spirit Pokemon is the Paras.
Joined GPX+ aaages ago. Been on and off since 2009.

I'll always try to return clicks, but some days it's tough to keep track.
I always multi-click those on Pal Pad and people who add me to their PPs!
I release duplicates at random, regardless of shinies/rarities/species.

My time is exactly +12 hours ahead of server time.
It means I'm usually out when server resets.
Not forum-active any longer.
Record Interactions = 18,418

Extended PP due to lack of space:
Star Lord, SagaDavid, roshizzle, Irvy, Jenisei, APerson09, Mudd E, Shiny Dragonite, NyaoNeko.
Sempiternal has no recent activity.

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Novelty Collector (Sep 17/13)
Corporate GPXPlus (Apr 26/16)
Hoarder (Sep 28/13)
Social Network (Mar 26/16)
Shiny Collector (Sep 19/13)
Great Success! (Aug 17/13)
Bounty Hunter (Nov 16/13)
Lucky Day (Sep 16/13)
Master Clicker (Aug 15/13)
Master Collector (Mar 19/16)

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