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Journal last updated: Tuesday, November 10th 2009 at 8:18 PM
Hey! :) Schwa here.

11/10 - Can't click today, maybe not tomorrow. We'll see. Dealing with stuff right now. If I'm able I'll get to my clickbacks those days but no promises. x_x We all have lives though, forgive me.

11/9 - After adding the new Pals, falling asleep, then getting distracted with the TV and delicious Curry, I didn't have a lot of time left for clicking, and I feel bad. x_x However I want you to know I DID manage to get in all my Clickbacks and Pal Pad contacts at the very least. Just in case some of you are keeping score on me. XD

Yesterday, being kept cooped up in this house to recover caused some kind of pent-up rage and cold fury to swell up inside me. Blame my mood swings. But I can tell you this was a direct result of not getting any outside time today. I'm such a burning free spirit that if I'm kept stagnant or caged, I start to freak. o_o Tomorrow I'm going out, I don't care where or what it might do to me-- I'm a strong person anyways and if I'm out for only half as long it should be enough. Maybe I'll try the Starbucks next to Safeway this time instead of next to QFC. :)


P.S: Why, look at that. 1.5k clicks today. :D I guess adding those new Pals makes quite a difference~ -^.^- Oh right and I still have my clickbacks to get to, later tonight... Epic... :O

P.P.S: Make that 2k clicks. The 40-something clickbacks helped and then I ran my "32 Random Users" folder twice in a row 'cause I had the time. Now my record's 2k. RIGHTEOUS. 8D
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