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Journal last updated: Friday, October 1st 2010 at 4:58 PM

The enchanting waves of the aurora seem close here. Waves of shifting colors dancing in the sky to form an entrancing backdrop to the impossibly huge, ever-blooming sakura tree, standing on the island in the garden's massive pool, nearly a small lake. The sight is enough to take your breath away as you walk up the path towards the Everbloom Sanctum. Buildings lie around the garden, surrounding it on two sides with long and thin, single-story stretches that contain guest rooms behind their sliding paper doors, and on a third side with a modest, two-story complex, containing everything else the inhabitants and guests of the sanctum need. The forest stops raggedly a short distance from the buildings, and all of the plants seem well cared for and exceptionally healthy.

Wild and owned pokémon alike mingle with people, some trainers, all basking in the quiet and peaceful air of the sanctum's garden. Life abounds through this place in uncountable amounts, from the boughs of the central tree to the surprisingly extensive depths of the lake. Walking along one of the bridges over the lake, some of which are secured on massive roots from the tree, you find yourself taken by the sheer scale of the complex, the near impossibility of the world you've walked into. You still catch glimpses of the aurora through the tree branches and begin to wonder if this world is only a dream.

Reassuring yourself that this is in fact reality, you continue across the bridge, making your way to the massive base of the tree, where you see a trainer and his two absol, reclining in a hollow of the tree. He smiles as you approach, the three of them giving off warmth and welcome as much as a sense of overwhelming power, despite their relaxed state. You know that here you are both welcome and safe.


If you want to read more stories, every pokémon in my
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