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 Satori Komeiji

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Journal last updated: Monday, December 2nd 2013 at 8:48 AM
~the sky was never, is not, will never be my limitation~

ohhhhhhhh hai there!
Could this be a Journal Update? ZOMFG

updates: Loving Gen VI...

not-so-new-stuff: dollies here, pokemon there, self all over the place

status: I announce Clicking Frenzy (Mass Clicking) times daily on my status message
When not in Frenzy I do Berry Care (Proper Berry) rounds
I always click back at the fullest even if you one-click. Doing Multiple Clickbacks regardless of clicks received as well.
Add me to your palpad if you want daily clicks by me even when you're away.

Livie 'tori-kun is:
-born/brought up/currently residing in Greece.
-23 years old
-a girl
-a student at the department of Visual and Applied Arts of the University of Western Macedonia
-addicted to pokemon ever since Pokemon Red came out in Greece in 1998

my favourite:
-pokemon is Cranidos
-legendary pokemon is Jirachi
-types are Grass and Ground
-region is Kalos

Uni status: (for those interested) =-= too many assignments.

youtube: Kaenutheflame // Livie542
Gaia Online: White Oblivion
everywhere else: Soenatte
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