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Saphiro's Profile

Journal last updated: Saturday, May 5th 2012 at 12:31 PM
Greetings Everyone! Welcome to my Profile!

- Breed by request: You can breed them.
- Drop items by request: You can find them.
- Drop Shinies by request: Seriously, do some work and earn them. >_>
- Drop Pokemon by request: You can find them.
- Do clickbacks for people that don't bother to click me.
"I have a life" is not an excuse.


Clicking Policy:

Pal Pad: (I added you) I try to click my Pal Pad as often as possible.
People that add me: Your best bet is to click me first. I have over 500 people who added me, and only about 75-100 actually click me. It's kind of a waste doing about 3k clicks for people that don't click back. I've completely clicked my Pal pad before and came to that conclusion based on all the 0 clicks from users on a daily basis regardless if I click them or not.

- Call me Saph. Saphiro works too.
- I'm 25.
- I dabble in Gaming/Anime. I enjoy good stories to things.
- Blue is my absolute favorite color.

** Feel free to add me to your Pal Pads for clicks. When I say that, I mean. "Click me and I'll click for you too." I won't click for people on that list if they don't click me too.**

Thank you to all who have been clicking my Pokemon/Eggs. I really appreciate it!

**Depending on what the future explorations require, I may breed specific pokemon to help out again.**

What's next?
- Shiny Hunts / Explorations / Battle Tower NPCs

New Shiny Hunt Wanted list:

Magby [ ]
Croagunk [ ]

If you're going to add me, please click me too. I'm inclined to do clickbacks rather than click the "Added me" when lots never click me.

Proud Member of the Knights of the Round Table!!
Skype: saphiroazure.2
Note: Message me if you are going to add me to Skype :)

Note: I work. Don't expect perfect clicks. Not my #1 Priority.
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