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 Samus x

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Journal last updated: Thursday, January 19th 2012 at 2:21 AM
MY FIRST SHINY!!!!!!!! XD~ tis a slugma ftw

Shinys I Have:
- Slugma - Swinub - Gulpin - Squirtle - Magickarp - Charmander - Palkia- Mudkip
- Klink

Shinys from Site Hunts:
- Relicanth - litwick - Cherubi - Zorua - Totodile - Vulpix - Evee

i will always try to click pal pad buddies daily and i will do click backs if i am able

Aspear Berry - sour
Cheri berry - spicy
Chesto berry - dry
Pecha berry - sweet
Rawst berry - bitter
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